Who am I?

I am Francisco and I love creating plugins! I started creating plugins just for me but now I want to expand my ideas and create plugins to everyone who needs it. You can check my GitHub and see some of my projects.

About my Plugins

This features can be found in every plugin

Works everywhere

Can be used in Spigot, Paper or Bukkit servers

Always available

You can download / buy it any time!


I try to make my plugins customizable to give you the best experience!

Open Source

You can see the code of some of my projects

Simple Configuration

I create the file configurations in a form that you can understand it easily

Low Prices

You'll find the best plugins at the best price!

Big Features

I always add a lot of features so you can use the best plugins!


If some plugin include features like password or private messages, those will be encrypted!

Secure Payments

If you will pay me or buy something you'll use PayPal, the secure transaction website!

Fast Support

Need help or Support? You can join to my discord! or send me a WhatsApp!

Wiki and Documentation

For easily undrestanding my plugins have a documentation or wiki and anyone can apport with their knowledges

And more!

You can download/buy my resources and test on your own!

The Team!

Francisco Solis

Lead programmer

If you want to join to our team you can contact me!