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SuperAuth v3 Beta

Hi everyone! This is not a joke, SuperAuth v3 is now in beta!, only the Patreons can access to this beta file, if you want access now you can do it by supporting me at patreon:


My first patreon!!

Hey all, you know, I want to give a virtual hug to Zachary because he is my first patreon! and, well, I’m not sure what to say, but I feel something like, inspiration, something that drives me to do more of my work, and it really helps me, thanks Zachary

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VPN Blocker Tokens

Hi! I’m glad to see you here and I think is because maybe you want to protect your Minecraft Server from VPNs and Proxies. Well you’re in the right place!

For now the plugin is not available, yet… But the API is available!


Single Server Token: $15

Single Network Token: $30

Multiple Network Token: $60

(All prices are in USD)

About the VPNBlocker

The VPNBlocker is a custom database that currently have 38894 IPs in the database and it works with community contributions. But this doesn’t add IPs directly to the database, the contributed IPs are checked weekly and are carefully checked and once that we can confirm that the IP is from a VPN/Proxy we add it to the database

How can I get a token?

If you’re interested join to my Discord Server and then send a direct message to TheProgramSrc’s Bot and type the command +purchase-vpnblocker and follow the instructions.

If you have questions you can leave a comment.